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Are you an experienced Real Estate Agent
considering a change?

At Sierra Vista Realty, we can offer you an exciting opportunity to be responsible for your own success while being supported by one of the oldest continuously operated real estate firms in Cochise County!!


Are you a newly licensed Real Estate Agent?

Choosing where to hang your real estate license, or which real estate company you want to work with is a major decision, and should be taken very seriously, many agents find themselves regretting their initial decision.  There are many determining factors when considering a real estate company to join.


At Sierra Vista Realty, we understand that when you feel comfortable and confident in a company and with your colleagues you will be happy in your work. We like to think that our 50 years in business will inspire you to start your careers with us.


Are you thinking about becoming a Real Estate Agent?

Do you want a job in which your efforts directly affect your earnings? Do you like the idea of control over your workday? If so, then consider a real estate agent job where the earnings potential can be high and the schedule ideal.

At Sierra Vista Realty, we can help you get your real estate career off the ground.


Why Sierra Vista Realty?

Unless you have just moved to the Sierra Vista area from another area of the country or have lived under a rock you probably have heard of Sierra Vista Realty. Sierra Vista Realty started in 1960 and has been at the same location at 301 N. garden Avenue since 1968.

My clients come from all over the US and ask me, "Why did you choose to work for Sierra Vista Realty?" I say, "I wouldn't even think of working for any other real estate company in Sierra Vista and I think you'll see why as we work together". Here is the way I see it…..there is power in knowledge and Sierra Vista Realty been in business in Sierra Vista longer than any other real estate company, franchised or not. Since 1960 Sierra Vista Realty has been a part of this community as it has grown, and no one knows Sierra Vista and Cochise County like Bob Watkins our broker for 50 years! The vision, the integrity, and the reputation created by our founder Bob Watkins is the foundation of our success.

I'd like to tell you why our company is the real estate agency that you should hang your license however it would take too long…. So I will just say this, Sierra Vista Realty is still the kind of place you can stop in and have a cup of coffee, just say hello and talk about the weather and not feel pressured about real estate. This “People First” real estate philosophy is why I decided to work for Sierra Vista Realty and why I think you should consider joining our Team.


Isn't a Franchise Broker better?

Small is the new Big. Small independent brokers compete with the franchise brokers much more effectively than ever before due to the evolution of real estate 2.0. The real questions you should be asking yourself are… will the large brand name itself generate business I would not get from a independent broker? If so, then does the income from those leads offset the additional fees charged by the large brand? That’s a hard question to say ‘yes’ to. So why allocate 100% of your work on a transaction a year just to cover franchise royalties?


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Stop by anytime for a cup of coffee and say hello or give us a call at 520-458-4388.

Brad Snyder
REALTOR/Associate Broker
Sierra Vista Realty